Thursday, January 2, 2014

Life on a Shelf

Starting this blog off right with a little post about me--who I am, why I'm here, and what YOU are likely to hear about on these pages!

I moved to NYC in 2008 for the wild world of publishing. I currently live in Queens with my husband and our dog, cat, and a few fishes. We moved into our current apartment just a couple of months before getting married, so although we had grand plans, we haven't quite finished them. Decorating and keeping our home is a passion of mine--another is books of all kinds. Add those together in our tiny studio and it feels like we are living our life on a little shelf in the city. Well, if my neighbors are my cuddly fellows and my books, I'm happy as a duck!

So mostly this blog is for my house-styling and -keeping, but you're also likely to hear about books, comics, art projects (including a fledgling Etsy store--more on that later!) and those fuzzies I mentioned earlier. For more on my other interests, you can find me at:

Etsy - Pinterest - Tumblr - Twitter

photo by Jonathan Durré

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