Thursday, January 2, 2014

Apartment Therapy's January Cure

I tried my best to follow Apartment Therapy's January Cure in my old apartment last year--and had a blast! Repeating it again this year is just the kick in the pants I needed to finally start up this blog.

But first, if you want to join Apartment Therapy's Cure or follow along with their official participants, the whole thing is catalogued here!

Each day they assign a new task, which makes it less overwhelming--and helps me to pace myself. On the first day, you assess the problems in your home and come up with a list of 3-5 tasks for each room that will make the biggest impact. Here's my list, and a quick preview house tour!

Entry and hallway:
- take pile of books by door to the Strand
- create landing strip style organization on entry table
- tackle stack of sewing projects

Being able to see the kitty's litter box sort of drives me crazy, so someday I'd like to conceal that by adding a longer top to the vanity, with a brass pipe/curtain situation underneath to give him some privacy (okay, yeah, it's totally for me and the dog may destroy it, but a girl can dream, right?)

- order new shower curtain (long length; with one of Jonathan's photos printed on it)
- organize cleaning supplies, purge in favor of more natural solutions
- round water dish for pets

- hang the rest of the spice racks
- organize food and cookingware in cabinets
- fix trashcan lid

Main room:
- trim front of bookshelves ala Centsational Girl
- organize and style bookshelves
- organize behind-bed storage and design a way to hide it - upholstered headboard?
- bedskirt? (hate them, but hate seeing boxes under the bed more)
- re-plant window garden

So my husband and I each have a chair, and we each have some clutter. I'm always looking for ways to organize and store paperwork, art supplies, hobby supplies, and memorabilia. Plus there is art stuffed in every corner of this apartment that needs to be hung!
- utilize existing storage (why do things never get put away?)
- reupholster chair that puppy destroyed
- hide tv cables
- get artwork framed and hung

I know my list for the "main room" goes over the 3-5 subject limit, but since it's the only room in our house (and the one I've left for last, really), I think I'll get a pass.

Holler if you have suggestions for any of my design dilemmas!

- Kate

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